We are very excited to announce a $1.2M strategic funding from institutional investors, including NGC Ventures,PreAngel Fund,AU21 Capital , FBG Capital, LongLing Capital, SNZ, Chain Capital, Moonwhale ventures, CryptoDiffer, Lanlaxy Group, Catcher VC, Titans Ventures and etc.
We are excited to see so many top crypto institutional investors in the space were interested in supporting blockchain gaming and acknowledging XWG’s open-ecosystem vision and progressive roadmap. We will further extend the depth of our chain-tech involved within the gaming and improve our overall gaming experience. All this is to achieve a simple goal — to provide a simple and fun gaming ecosystem for crypto and non-crypto players.
Strategic Funding Round
​0x21 Labs​
​Catcher VC​
​Chain Capital​
​NGC Ventures​
​PreAngel Fund​
​FBG Capital​
​LongLing Capital​
​Moonwhale Ventures​
​Lanlaxy Group​
​ChainLink Cap​
​Consensus Lab​
​AVSTAR Capital​
​Titans Ventures​
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