X World Games will be completing a gigantic platform infrastructure plan for the product, including a vertical gaming NFT marketplace, an NFT launchpad, a token swap aggregator, and a DAO community. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate web3 game information and provide a robust gaming assets infrastructure, thus contributing to the enrichment of the gaming industry.

Completed Milestones

Q1 2019
Finish Whitepaper v1.0 for X World Games
Setup Foundation and Legal Structure
Q2 2019
Team Building
Q3 2019
The First Batch of Game Character IPs
Dream Card Game Development
Q4 2019
X World Games: Technical Architecture of the Platform
Q1 2020
Main Gaming Framework Development
Creation of First Batch Dream Card Character IPs
Q2 2020
NFT Contract Development
Access Wallet Function Development
Q3 2020
Official Website & Marketplace Establishment
Q4 2020
In-Game Battle Functions
X Wallet Access Function Test
Q1 2021
BEP20 Token contract & NFT Contract Audit
Q2 2021
New Official Website & Marketplace
Dream Card Release - Collector, Creator, Marketplace & Battle Functions
Q3 2021
Global Community on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram
The Second Batch of Dream Card Characters IPs
X World Wallet
Dream Card - Expedition: Stake Card to Earn
Dream Card - ELO System
Release Dream Card 2.0 Demo
X World Games - 1 Million Users Achievement
Marketplace 2.0
Q4 2021
Dream Card - Creation of Second Batch Dream Card Character IPs
X World Games - Infrastructure for Blockchain Developers: Tools for landscape visualization and its adaptability for modifications ('mods')
NFT Marketplace - Pool Functions
DAO - Decentralized Community Launch
Q1 2022
Dream Card - 2.0 Alpha
Launch Game Hub for MiniGames App
Launch X-Wallet
Burning Mechanism Introducing
Q2 2022
P2E2S New Tokenomics
BEP-1155 - LUCID asset
Dream Card v1 - Ragnarok
Dream Card v2 - Project Vapour
Dream Card v2 - Protect the World
Dream Card Crafting - Evolution
Q3 2022
Dream Card Crafting -Fusion
Lucid Box & Hero Shards
Fellowship - Lease to Earn
Dream Card v2 - Devil Seal
Dream Card v1 - New Battle Mode
Q4 2022
X Bridge - Cross-Chain Bridge
Dream Idols Beta
Hero Card
Q1 2023
Update DreamCard and HeroCard games
Build cross-chain bridge infrastructure for game assets
Q2 2023
Transition to web3 gaming platform Upgrade the brand and the official website UI
Q3 2023
List popular web3 games and aggregate game information
Q4 2023
Integrate NFT Collection data
Develop a vertical NFT marketplace in the web3 gaming sector
Q1 2024
Web3 gaming NFT Launchpad
Q2 2024
Token swap aggregator for web3 game tokens
Q3 2024
Extend DAO governance to functions such as game listing, and NFT Launchpad
Q4 2024
X Social for Web3 gamers