Getting Started in Hero Card

The gameplay of Hero Card is heavily inspired by the well-known card game β€œRummy” but with the added twist of earning $XWG tokens through regular gameplay.

Players can obtain cards for their Hero Card decks by purchasing mystery boxes on Binance, or through the in-game store. Players will also be able to synthesize specific cards with the in-game β€œcomposite” system by sacrificing lower-quality Dream Cards from Dream v1 and v2.

Once a player has obtained five Hero Card cards and has added them to their Hero Card deck, they can begin to find PvP matches from the main menu.

Once eight other opponents have been found, the game will begin. The first turn will be taken by the player at the top and then rotating clockwise from there.

Players will then take turns exchanging their cards with the center pile. If a player ever ends up with a pair of the same cards in their hand, they win!

Tutorial Video: Teaching Guide

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