Web3 Gaming Infra


What is X World Games infrastructure?

X World Games stands as a frontrunner in the Web3 gaming space, serving as the first cross-play and cross-game platform. It is renowned for the cutting-edge technologies it leverages, including Artificial Intelligence, that elevate its services and drive user involvement.
X World Games orbits around four main components:
  1. 1.
    X Swap - Dex and Pool
  2. 2.
    X Marketplace - NFT AMM, Borrow and Lending, Synthetic assets
  3. 3.
    X Social - Connet to Web3 gamers
  4. 4.
    X Games - All Fun Web3 Games
These elements form the beating heart of X World Games. The X Swap, an advanced platform that supports DeFi and LSDfi mechanisms like NFT staking and token lending, thrives with AI. This technology introduces intricate financial models that bolster platform efficiency and enrich its offerings. Through complex predictive models, AI refines staking outcomes, making X Swap a hotspot for modern financial interactions.
The X Marketplace, a dynamic NFT trading platform, uses AI algorithms to enhance user-asset pairing. This pairing mechanism capitalizes on AI's predictive abilities to align user tastes with suitable assets, offering a tailored and streamlined trading experience.
Besides these, the X World Games infrastructure also includes X Social, a dedicated blockchain Dapp for Web3 gamers, and X World, a Web3 gaming social community.
Together, they reinforce X World Games' vision to create an interoperable, scalable, and fair Web3 gaming ecosystem. It champions easy blockchain integrations for game publishers and a captivating, user-friendly experience for players. Through multi-chain support and cross-game NFTs, X World Games solidifies its position as a trailblazer, continually reshaping the limits of the Web3 gaming domain.

It's all about the Community!

X World Games is a beacon of community-driven innovation, echoing the ethos of fair play. Many of X World Games' core team members originate directly from the community, echoing the platform’s belief in an open building. This community-led initiative has helped to formulate a framework that promotes the contribution and reward system, where community members who contribute significantly to the ecosystem’s development are rewarded in $XWG tokens.
The X World Games ecosystem — including the game assets and $XWG token — is distributed transparently, promoting a fair-play ethos. The gaming assets, trading marketplace, and other features are open-source and publicly accessible projects, to which anyone can contribute, further enhancing the community-driven nature of the platform.
The underlying belief of X World Games is that the value of metaverse assets is derived from the work users invest in them. Furthermore, fair launch origins and decentralized decision-making are vital for sustained community participation over time. The project's narrative has attracted collaborators who resonate with X World Games’ vision of community-managed, decentralized metaverses.

DAO Governed

X World Games operates under the purview of its DAO. For the sake of maintaining structure, a select group of dedicated DAO members, termed the "X Games," assists in steering the vision of X World Games.
$XWG is not just a currency; it forms the backbone of the DAO's decision-making process, allowing holders to participate in critical voting procedures. Thus, the DAO is more than just a governing body; it is an active community working in unison to propel the ecosystem.
The community's democratic involvement ensures the ecosystem evolves according to the needs of its users, aligning the platform's growth with its community's vision. With such a structure, X World Games ensures the implementation of fair and sustainable practices that align with its mission and values.