Earning & Redeeming Rewards

Earning Rewards

As opposed to Dream Card v1, players will be able to earn $XWG regardless of whether they win or lose a match in Hero Card.

Players will earn lottery tickets and Bill as their primary rewards for participating in Hero Card battles.

Lottery tickets will only be granted to winners of Hero Card battles. When used, lottery tickets will grant players with an exclusive pass that can be further exchanged for either $XWG rewards, or to get a piece of the grand pool prizes!

Bills will only be granted to the losers of Hero Card battles. Bills can be directly exchanged for $XWG at a variable exchange rate. The main purpose of the Bills currency is to help players recover a portion of their entry cost for participating in Hero Card battles.

Reward Redemption

Once a player has collected a number of "Limited Hero Cards" in their inventory, they can redeem them for special prizes at the Grant Pool.

There will be two reward options in the Grant Pool:

  1. A varying reward that has an upper limit reward value of 1 Million $XWG.

  2. A fixed reward that can be accessed so long as there are enough rewards left in the prize pool to be given out.

Reward exchanges will usually consume a minimum of 4 Hero Cards but can vary depending on the reward amount with higher rewards requiring more "Limited Hero Cards" to be consumed, up to 40.

Lastly, when Hero Cards are exchanged for rewards, the rewards will be provided in the form of Bills, which can then be exchanged for $XWG tokens.

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