Any PC/Mac with Chrome/Firefox browser or any mobile iOS/Android device.
Yes, there's no device restriction as long as there's one wallet address per login.
Yes, you can log-In with your Email and mobile number.
While it may be technically possible to use other browsers, we still recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox for the best gaming experience.
No, there's no private key backup storage or encryption. You can find out your private key through the Dapp wallet service provider, and you shall backup your private key and recovery phrase on your own and keep them in a safe place.
For more information, please review the article "Private Key" provided by Binance Acadamy.
There's no third party to assure fund safety in blockchain; however, the blockchain network provides security through cryptography encryption and distributed ledger.
The token assets $XWG and Dream Card NFTs issued from X World Games are grounded by BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, an EVM-compatible blockchain created by Binance, which is designed for developers looking to build decentralized applications (dapps) and run smart contracts. The BSC network and the algorithm it operates on are indeed very safe.
For more information, please review the article "Security First in BSC & DeFi: Is Binance Smart Chain Safe?" provided by Binance Acadamy.
Besides the blockchain network, smart contracts programmed by X World Games were also audited by Certik. The detailed report can be found here: Audit Report.
There's no single individual insurance provided. Regardless, suppose a significant collective financial loss was due to the fault of X World Games. In that case, we will step up to protect our user interests and compensate with our emergency insurance SAFU fund.
X World Games provide no appraisal service. Every NFT buy and sell in our marketplace is purely a market behavior.
NFTs issued by X World Games are under BEP-721 standard and protected by the BSC network.
For more information, please review the article "BEP-721" provided by Binance Acadamy.
There's no game subscription. However, a player must own a minimum of 1 Dream Card NFT to initiate Dream Card gaming.