How to claim Airdrop?

How to Claim Your NFT Airdrop?

Step 1: Log in to your Metamask wallet
Step 2: Open your Metamask browser and visit the airdrop page
Step 3: Click to connect with your selected wallet address
Step 4: Click the Claim Airdrop button
Step 5: Confirm the transaction and pay your gas fee (BNB)
Step 6: Wait for the transaction completed and the congratulations window will pop up
You can check your NFTs from Trust Wallet, Math Wallet or XWG's My Asset page.

Trust Wallet (export to Metamask)

Step 1: Open your Trust Wallet and click Settings
Step 2: Select Smart Chain Wallet under Wallets
Step 3: Click the Exclamation Icon
Step 4: Select Export Private Key to generate the QR code
Step 5: Click the QR code to copy your private key
Step 6: Open your Metamask Wallet
Step 7: Click Navigation Bar
Step 8: Select Account on the top-left corner
Step 9: Click Import on Account button
Step 10: Paste your Private Key
Step 11: Click Import button to complete
For the rest of the procedures, please refer to the Via Metamask section on the top.

I need BNB to pay the gas fee, Where to Buy?

In order to claim an NFT airdrop on Binance Smart Chain, you need to prepare certain BNBs on your wallet account for the gas charge. Please purchase your BNBs from Binance, PancakeSwap or any available exchange, and transfer them to your wallet account before claiming an NFT airdrop.