🦸♀ Hero Card

Hero Card

A Play-to-Earn Matching Card Game

Meet Hero Card, a new play-to-earn project incubated and launched by X World Games!
Hero Card is a third-party-produced play-to-earn game being launched on the X World Games platform. The release of Hero Card brings a new set of professionally drawn and beautifully designed Japanese anime-style art to the NFT cards for gamers to collect, play and earn $XWG!
The gameplay of Hero Card is heavily inspired by the well-known card game “Rummy” but with the added twist of earning $XWG tokens through regular gameplay. Players will compete as individuals in matchmade group battles with the goal of obtaining a matching pair of Hero Cards in your hand. Once a player has three of the same Hero Cards in their hand, they win!
One of the best features of play-to-earn games is the ability for players to monetize their own time spent playing a game. In Hero Card, the play-to-earn aspect takes centerstage by allowing players to win $XWG regardless of whether they win or lose a match in Hero Card.
With its easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, beautifully designed Japanese anime NFT cards, and surplus earning potential, Hero Card is bringing gamers a vivid and fun game into the X World Games metaverse.
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