Dream Idols

Metaverse Idol Group

Dream Idols, crypto’s first VR/metaverse idol group. X World Games, the blockchain GameFi company behind the building and development is excited to launch its next project venture in the SocialFi and crypto entertainment space.
Dream Idols have a unique Japanese ACG art style based on existing NFT hero characters from the Dream Card video game series. But, behind the scenes, the Dream Idols will be real! The girls will be professionally trained in singing and dancing and selected for their unique talents and personalities. The Dream Idols will not only bring mesmerizing cloud-rendered 3D VR concerts and original songs to their fans but fully be dedicated to connecting and sharing through backstage interviews, posting on their social media communities, and much more!
The Dream Idol community will participate in SocialFi functions and events. Invite your friends to build the strongest fan club surrounding one of the Dream Idols to earn! Fans can grow their fan clubs, and earn based on their engagement, club size, and event participation. Idols will reward their fans with the revenue generated, connecting the individual idol's success to the fan's engagement. Creating a dynamic Web3 earning system that gives the attention profit back to the community.
がんばって! Ganbatte! Fighting for Dreams!