LUCID: Super, Magic, Basic
X World Games BEP-1155 token asset — LUCID.
LUCID will be the primary play-to-earn reward asset throughout the ecosystem. As X World Games enters the next phase of external gaming integration, the single-token economy model won’t be fit and inclusive enough to embrace the whole gaming metaverse. Therefore, LUCID will be the new incentive of Play-to-Earn and pave the path to XWG’s latest introduction of the Play-to-Earn-to-Stake (P2E2S) economic model.

What is LUCID? How can I earn it?

Players can earn LUCID from playing games on the X World Games multi-gaming platform. LUCID will have three types of rarity: Basic, Magic, and Super. Rewards can be generated from loot boxes to single-match wins. The higher rarity ones will have a smaller drop probability and only can be obtained via holding higher-level characters or completing higher-level chapters.

LUCID Utilities

Boost to earn XWG tokens

LUCID will be the crucial and required fuel for staking with the X Pool. Players must consume a certain amount of LUCID while staking their Dream Cards to earn $XWG tokens. The staking mechanism with LUCID is now attached to the length of time staked, which means the more LUCID a player consumes while staking, the longer period that player can stake.

Upgrade Dream Card rarity

Similarly, the LUCID token will be consumed for our new DreamCard upgrade mechanisms: Evolution & Fusion.
Players can craft higher rarity NTF's with the required amount of $XWG tokens, LUCIDs, and Dream Cards that they would like to upgrade through Evolution. Crafting higher rarity Dream Cards (i.e., Legendary or Mythic) will need higher rarity of LUCIDs — the Magic & Super.
The asset LUCID and SHARD will be the primary asset consumed for the Fusion mechanism, where players can collect Hero SHARDs to craft their favourite Dream Cards.

Why are we switching to LUCID?

LUCID will gain dominance and become XWG’s primary play-to-earn reward asset, while the $XWG token will lean its attribute more towards being the XWG governance token (DAO token). Hence, XWG will have a more adequate and sustainable economic design to ease the token inflationary pressure and bring more possibilities for making financial adjustments. A key point to address is whenever LUCID is consumed it will be burned and thus removed from the supply.
With the new changes and the addition of LUCID, the X World Games ecosystem is becoming more complex but dynamic. These changes will promote healthy and vibrant economic growth in our earning scheme, tokenomics, and player userbase.