LUCID Chests

LUCID Chests: Basic, Magic, and Super.
LUCID chests are a new BEP-1155 asset that will allow players to collect Dream Card SHARDs to craft their favourite Dream Cards heroes.
LUCID chests can be purchased on the X Marketplace or be acquired during our Dream Card special events. Not all Dream Card heroes will be available as Hero SHARDs so be sure to keep an eye out for who is and isn’t available in each LUCID chest.
Mechanics: Opening LUCID chests will require $XWG, LUCID Basic, and a small BNB gas fee.
Quality: LUCID chests will be available in Basic, Magic and Super rarities. You can get better rewards and SHARDs with a higher rarity chest.
Chest items: Hero SHARDs, LUCID Super, LUCID Magic, and Lottery Tickets
Reward quality will depend on the chest's rarity, with higher rarity chests having higher quality rewards. Opening a LUCID chest will require $XWG tokens, LUCID Basic, and a BNB gas fee. Different quality chests will have different opening fees.
In an effort to support the Dream Card game economy, the LUCID Basic and $XWG tokens used in these openings will be regularly collected and burned!\

Purchasing LUCID Chests

  1. 1.
    Log in to the official website of X World Games at: https://xwg.games/.
  2. 2.
    Enter the Marketplace and click on the Chest tab to reach the purchase page.
  3. 3.
    Buying LUCID chests will require a certain amount of XWG and LUCID Basic in your wallet in advance and a small amount of BNB as a gas fee.
4. LUCID chests come in three rarities and you can choose the chest you want to buy. The first purchase requires two authorizations, click "Approve" to authorize the operation. Each authorization requires a very small amount of BNB as a gas fee.
5. After the authorization is completed, the purchase can be made. After the payment is completed, wait a minute or so, and the chest will be automatically opened, and you can see the rewards on the current page.