Fellowship Program

Help out fellow Dream Card players with our new fellowship program!
This addition to the X World Games Marketplace will benefit both existing and new Dream Card players alike!
Existing Dream Card players will be able to list their Dream Cards on the XWG Marketplace for other users to temporarily borrow to use in their own decks. Players who lease out their cards will be rewarded with $XWG for every person that borrows their card.
Newer Dream Card players who are looking to temporarily boost their deck power can visit the XWG Marketplace and borrow Dream Cards from available listings to add to their own decks!

| How Does the Leasing System Work?

The menu will be available on the XWG Marketplace for all players to use.
To become a Lender, you must stake (lease) your Dream Cards in a staking (leasing) pool. Lenders will receive a pre-determined reward (to be set by the Lender) whenever a borrower rents out your Dream Card from the Fellowship Program.
Please note that there is a 2% handling fee. This fee will be deducted from the rewards that a Lender receives.
To become a borrower, simply navigate to the leasing page on the XWG Marketplace and pay the associated fees to borrow any available Dream Cards!

| Leasing Your Assets

Before Lenders can list their assets on our Fellowship Program, our leasing system must first approve their registration.
If your registration is approved, then Lenders must complete the following steps:
Selecting a Leasing Period
  • Lenders will be able to choose to lease their Dream Cards for 7 days or 30 days.
Setting a Lease Price
  • A lease price must be set by the Lender. A confirmation will be displayed showing the lease price, and the reward amount.
Reward amounts will not be equal to the lease price due to the 2% handling fees. For example, if you set 100 $XWG as the lease price, the maximum reward amount will be 98 $XWG due to the 2% handling fee.
Income for Lenders
  • Any income generated from leasing will be settled in real-time once a user’s Dream Cards are successfully leased. The leasing system will automatically deduct the 2% handling fee and record your unclaimed income in the ledger. Rewards from leasing must be collected manually

| Zero Fee Program

The X World Games team will also be hosting a special whitelist for a limited number of Dream Card lenders.
Players who apply for our merchant whitelist and are approved will pay zero fees when leasing their Dream Cards.
Whitelisted merchants for the Fellowship Program will be selected according to the following guidelines:
  • Applicants will register for the whitelist through our website (application to be released at a later date). All applicants will be personally reviewed and qualifying candidates will be added to our merchant whitelist.
  • Whitelisted users will be provided with Dream Cards by an X World Games official. They will then be able to lease these cards for 30 days with zero fees.
  • Once 30 days have passed, the leasing system will automatically withdraw the provided Dream Cards.
The application form will be open soon so be sure to follow our social media accounts so you can apply as soon as possible!

| Fellowship Program & Dream Card V1

The following restrictions will apply when using rented cards in Dream Card v1 battles:
  • When renting Dream Cards that are rented by other players from the X Marketplace, players will be able to use the cards in battle without the need to switch in.
  • Rented Dream Cards will have the word “Rent” displayed on their graphic. A rental countdown will also be included.
  • Players will not be able to modify the experience, attributes, skills, etc of rented cards. Players will not be able to transfer rented cards to the blockchain as well.
  • After a player successfully rents a Dream Card, the Dream Card will be displayed in their in-game account. Once the rental period has passed, the Dream Card will automatically disappear from their account.
  • Rented Dream Cards used in Ragnarök that expire after the quiz stage can still be used in Rangarök until the end of the season.
These rules will apply to the following game modes:
  • ELO
  • Ragnarök
  • PVP Mode