Devil Seal Mode

An all-powerful demon has broken through from the sealed land, challenge it to receive massive LUCID rewards!
Devil Seal is a new game mode coming to Dream Card V2, every 7 days is an event cycle, and participants in the challenge will receive LUCID rewards!

Devil Seal Lore

A demon has broken through from the sealed land! After indiscriminately killing all living beings in sight, the guardian urgently summoned heroes to help but, temporarily sealing the demon. Heroes must now band together to continually attack the weakened demon to prevent it from wreaking havoc again!

Opening Period

Every 7 days, the first six days are for the activity participation time, the seventh day for the settlement and reward collection time, after the opening of the new period, the previous reward can not be collected.

Event Rewards

Total reward per period: 900,000,000 LUCID
Activity reward: 720,000,000 LUCID
Ranking reward: 180,000,000 LUCID
Ranking Reward Breakdown:

How to participate

1. Log in to the game and click on the bottom right corner of the “Devil Seal” to enter the activity page.
2. Access the page to view total rewards and current game-related values.
3. When the number of challenges runs out, you can click the + button next to “Challenge” to buy contract props to get a bonus score and increase the number of challenges, the purchase of props is an on-chain action, you need to pay a small amount of gas fee.

Activity Rules:

  1. 1.
    Each account gets 2 free challenges per day and 3 additional challenges per day with the purchase of a Legend Contract
  2. 2.
    Gold Contract and Legend Contract can be purchased only once each during the activity period.
  3. 3.
    Active rewards are divided equally among all players according to the number of challenges they have participated in during the activity period.
  4. 4.
    Ranking rewards are based on the ranking of the score earned by players’ challenges, top ten can receive rewards.
  5. 5.
    The rewards of each activity period need to be claimed on the day of settlement, and the previous rewards cannot be claimed after the opening of a new activity period.