Beginner's Guide

What is Dream Card V2 (2.0)?

Dream Card V2 is a multi-player RPG game built with Unity and features in PvE mode.
Dream Card V2 is NOT a write-over of Dream Card V1 (1.0). Both versions would be available and running simultaneously- coherent and parallel. Any and all game assert is intact and completely inter-transferable between the two versions.

🗡PvE mode:

Dream Card V2 features a brand new PVE mode that differs from Dream Card’s PVP mode
The “E”: There are 10 series of game plots that cover game-play level 1–10
The “P”: Dream Card 2.0 will feature 22 new Heroes, adding on top of the pre-existing 40 Heroes in Dream Card 1.0

🎟New ways to Play and Earn

Moreover, now our players will get to experience Dream Card V2 with enhanced game-play and earning mechanisms- players are now able to purchase NFT assets of their preferences and choices- could be a monster, a piece of land and/or a set piece in the plot; such purchases would in turn benefit players with lasting revenues generated by and in positive correlation with the game plots playing volume.
On top of which, participating in each and every level of game plot will generate and reward the player with a Lottery Ticket that’s designed for getting you a chance to win your share at the Prize Pool.