5 Hero Classes

There are five Hero classes in DC V2, namely: Assassin, Knight, Mage, Archer and Priest
Specialties: Sudden Strike, Explosiveness
Skilled assassins always capitalize on speed to strike their enemies with Critical Hit upon their first sign of weaknesses; therefore, always exercise caution when facing off an opponent with a squad of assassins- for that they are the most dangerous when you get them cornered.
Specialties: Protection, Shielding, Surviving
Knights are featured with strength, leadership, and strong shields to wreak havoc in the battles of war. They shine as the first line of offence not only in courage and strength, but also in strategy- ensuring their more vulnerable allies to continuously attack with spells and bows. Knights possess unshakable faith among the team and are not afraid of death, Victory or Valhalla.
Specialties: Arcane Attack, Spell attack, Ranged Damage
Mages are empowered with God given gifts. Despite their frail frame and their non-confronting trait that finds them spending most of their time in confinement honing their skills in magic, alchemy and incantations, mages can demolish their enemies with spells from their magic books. While mages’ power is devastating, they are especially vulnerable with close-range attacks. Wise mages always keep a safe distance from their enemies when spellcasting.
Specialties: Long-Distance Attack
Archers possess superior vision. Like birds of prey, they scan the arena of battles and target enemies from a distance far beyond detection. They are also crafty masters of the environment who are fluent in the art of camouflage. When you find yourself facing an archer, the game ends in simple outcomes- hunt or be hunted!
Specialties: Healing,Enchant, Defence
Priests are elected by the vast majority. They cast their unwavering faith and the purest spiritual power to the world. Priests take the role of healers that heal themselves and their allies with the holy light. Unlike the above mentioned occupations, they have very limited fighting skills, but they are blessed with God-given healing power to revive and survive. It’s said that the more devout the priest, the greater the healing power they possess.