How-To Fusion
A Guide to Dream Card Fusion - Dream Card NFT Card Crafting
Fusing your Dream Cards:
Access the Dream Card Evolution page by going to, clicking “Fusion” on our navigation bar at the top, and then selecting “Card Fusion”.
You will then be shown the following menu:
  1. 1.
    Log in to the "Fusion" button on the navigation bar of the X World Games website to enter the "Card Fusion" page.
2. Click the "Select Role" button in Step 1 to select a SHARD rarity.
3. The number of SHARD required for Card Fusion will also depend on the rarity. Click "Confirm" for the next step.
4. You can then see the amount of LUCID Basic and $XWG (BNB for a gas fee) you need to pay and the success rate of the Fusion mechanic. Click the "Start Fusion" button to begin the fusion.
5. The success rate of Card Fusion varies according to the rarity of the SHARD. The higher the rarity, the lower the success probability. A successful fusion will result in a new card of the same rarity. The attributes will be random.
Congratulations! You have received a new Dream Card using our Fusion mechanism.
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