Dream Idols FAQs

What is Dream Idols?
Dream Idols is a Metaverse idol group incorporated with SocialFi fan economics and crypto tokenomics.
​Many innovative elements will be offered throughout the Dream Idols entertainment, e.g. exclusive K-POP music & dance production, real-virtual interaction, VR Metaverse concert, etc.
Other features include:
Metaverse Entertainment
Enjoy the Metaverse through a 360°, multi-sensory experience, entirely rendered in a 4K resolution VR environment. Dream Idols will be accessible through mobiles and VR gear like Oculus, Pico, Vive, etc.
SocialFi Fan Economics
A multi-asset NFT & token system combined with a competitive fan economic model will incentivize fans' participation. The overall fan engagement will control the ultimate destiny of your favourite idol. The Dream Idols' future is in your hands!
WEB3 Attention Value
Participate in your favourite Idol supporting activities and collect a share of the revenue. Fans’ attention and engagement are no longer disregarded and now will be rewarded in Web3.
VR Technology
The newest virtual technology will be used to create a near-real human-type avatar and involved with the best cloud rendering, which means a user no longer needs a high-end graphic card machine to enjoy the experience. All they need is a regular iPhone or VR goggle type of equipment with a reasonable Internet speed bandwidth.
Virtual Human, Real Girls
Behind each Dream Idol's virtual avatar, a real girl is working relentlessly to become the best Idol on the stage! These girls will be trained in singing and dancing with motion capture equipment to bring you the most immersive VR Metaverse concert experience. Also, daily behind-the-scenes and life-moment sharing with weekly live-streaming will accompany fans with a touchable emotional bonding throughout Idol's career growth.
Fans of DAO
Fans have the power to decide the Idol's next big things, from music single selection to concert dressing costume. Fans can manage Idols’ everyday tasks through DAO voting events and shape Dream Idols to be the top Girl Group in the world!
What are some of the functions/terms in the Dream Idols and Fans App?
The Fan's identity NFT card, which is one of the key assets in Dream Idols. Fans must bind at least one Fandom to participate in the Dream Idols ecosystem.
The Idol's collective NFT, can be staked in SYNC operation or traded in the marketplace.
Stardom possesses different qualities. The higher the quality, the better efficiency of their function.
Create is a fan behaviour to fund and create a specific product with other fans.
Fan's interaction with Idols, which can increase an Idol's Popularity and Reputation values.
Fans can sign in to the Idol room every day to receive rewards.
Each Fan can invite other fans to participate in Dream Idols and receive rewards.
The operation to synchronize with Dream Idols from the future. Fans will earn rewards through the process.
Units to be dispatched by SYNC.
Idol Prize Pool
A portion of the USDT(BEP-20) and XWG from the fans' daily boosts will flow back to the Idol prize pool and distribute to fans who meet the requirements at a specific time.
Support Power, the internal efficiency value of Fandom.
BEP1155 assets acquired through fans' SocialFi behaviours, such as boosting, sign-in, and can be consumed for SYNC operation.
BEP1155 assets acquired through the SYNC operation, which can be used to support Idols or swapped to SP.
How to create a Fandom?
Fans must have at least a Fandom to participate in Dream idols, and there are three types of Fandoms: Genesis Producer, Super Fan and Casual Fan. ​
  • Casual Fan can be acquired by completing the form with an invitation code from your friends or community members and then minting it with the gas fee paid.
  • Super Fan can be acquired by consuming XWG with one RARE or higher quality Dream Card with an invitation code.
  • Genesis Producer can be acquired by consuming XWG with one LEGENDARY or higher quality Dream Card. No invitation code is required.
How to get an invitation code?
In Dream Idols Beta, fans must get an invitation code before creating a Fandom:
  1. 1.
    Ask your friend or anyone in the community to get an invitation code.
  2. 2.
    Fans can check their invitation code under the Member section.
What is the Idol Upgrade and the Idol Level?
Dream Idols have a unique career growth path, from rookie to legendary, and the Idol Upgrade is an important fan-support action to assist their growth.
The Idol Upgrade can be monitored by three indicators: reputation, popularity and following fans. Fans who conduct Idol Upgrade can receive maxSP increase and JOY.
Higher Idol levels can unlock more development possibilities for Idols to achieve. Similarly, fans with higher-level Idol will enjoy better benefits such as:
  • more boosting options
  • more choices of room decoration, idol cosmetics and gear equipment
  • more merchandise for the Idol
  • better gear equipment and stardom
  • more idol content from the provider shop
What's the daily Sign-In?
Fans can only sign in once a day, and once completed, fans can receive maxSP increase and Joy, which also grows the popularity of the Idol they support.
What's the daily Boost?
Fans can conduct the daily Boost to support Idols in the following 3 ways:
  1. 1.
    Boost with USDT (BEP-20): spend USDT and receive maxSP increase & JOY, which also grows the Idol's POPULARITY and idol prize pool.
  2. 2.
    Boost with XWG: spend XWG and receive maxSP increase & JOY, which also grows the Idol's REPUTATION and idol prize pool.
  3. 3.
    Boost with DREAM: spend DREAM and receive SP, which also grows the Idol's REPUTATION.
Each Boost requires a different amount of cost and could generate a different amount of rewards. All boosts will have a cool-down period differentiated by the cost & type of the Boost.
What is SYNC?
The operation to synchronize with Dream Idols from the future. Fans will earn rewards through the process.
What is the Team and how to configure it?
Fans need to configure the TEAM before joining SYNC operation. The composition of a single TEAM is made of 1 Idol(STARDOM) + 6 types of IDOL equipment.
The Idol slot can be equipped with any quality of STARDOM. The equipment slots can be equipped with any quality of Idol equipment with different parts. One slot cannot be stacked with different equipment, but all slots can be equipped with the same type of equipment.
How to participate in SYNC operations?
Players can select different SYNC operations(POOLS) according to their SP level of Fandom.
There are four SYNC operations(POOLS) under each Idol, and different operations require different SP requirements and JOY spending. The higher the SP required, the more the JOY to spend and the better reward efficiency.
Each SYNC operation(POOL) has a different daily production limit of Dream output. A Higher SP requirement also means a higher daily output limit.​​
After choosing the SYNC operation(POOL), the TEAM can be dispatched with the required consumption of JOY. The lowest value of Fandom SP and TEAM power determines the maximum amount of JOY to be consumed.
What is Create?
Create is a fan behaviour to fund and create a specific product with other fans.