Earning Mechanism

This page will provide a detailed description of the earning mechanisms within the Dream Idols "FANS" platform.
A flowchart detailing the earning mechanism of the "FANS" Dream Idols platform.
The charts shapes indicate important actions or assets on the FANS app.
The shapes on the chart indicate important actions or assets on the FANS app. Diamonds signify important actions.
Circles signify the rewards that will be earned.
Large rectangles signify important NFT assets necessary to begin earning rewards.
The first step to earning rewards on the FANS app is to acquire and bind a FANDOM (FANS NFT) to your account.
If you're not sure how to acquire a FANDOM NFT, please read this page​
Once that is setup, you can choose to do a number of "boost" actions under the "Daily Boost" tab on the platform.
This will be your primary way of earning the JOY asset, but you will also earn some maxSP and Reputation as well.
Read more about how maxSP affects your earning potential here.
You will also need to acquire a STARDOM NFT, which is an NFT required to access the SYNC (staking) pools on the FANS app.
Read more about how to acquire and upgrade a STARDOM NFT here. STARDOM NFTs also play a key role in the Popularity, Reputation and Level of the idol you choose to support. To learn more about the importance of these stats and their relation to the prize pool, please read this page and click on "What is the Idol Upgrade and Idol Level".
After acquiring JOY from daily boosting actions as well as an upgraded STARDOM NFT, you can move on to participating in our SYNC (staking) pools.
For specific details on SYNC pools, please refer to this page here.
By burning a number of JOY and by staking a STARDOM NFT, you will be rewarded with DREAM.
The DREAM asset is used for a large number of things on the FANS app, so it is important to gather as much as possible in order to earn the maximum amount of rewards at a single time.
DREAM is used in the following mechanics:
  1. 1.
    Upgrading SP (which allows you to obtain stronger STARDOMs and, therefore, greater SYNC rewards.)
  2. 2.
    Purchasing GIFTBOX and SHOWCOINs, which are two assets that are necessary for obtaining your ticket code to attend the Dream Idols concerts.
  3. 3.
    Participating in additional boosting activities that exclusively use DREAM as payment.
All fan spending on the FANS app will contribute to a "Prize Pool" consisting of XWG & BUSD. Users on the FANS app can earn rewards from this prize pool during the concert stages by attending and supporting their favourite idols.
The reward sharing split on the FANS app
The rewards-sharing model is another important part of the earning model of FANS.
The above chart lays out the percentage split of spent currency on the FANS app.
For more detailed information on the reward-sharing model, including instructions on how to get started, please read about our Referral Program here.