3.1 How to Powerup Your Stardom NFT

Currently, the only way to power up your Stardom NFT is by purchasing and equipping equipment pieces.
Equipment can be purchased from the in-app shop or earned through mystery boxes.
Each piece of equipment will add a value of power to your chosen Stardom NFT. With each Stardom NFT being able to equip 6 pieces of equipment.
While you can equip the same type of equipment in all 6 slots (e.g. 7 boots) you can not equip more than one piece of equipment in one slot at any time.
Important: The power of your Stardom NFT will be limited by your currently available "SP". This means that the app systems will take the lesser of the two values to determine your Stardoms power. For example: Say you have 100 SP, a Stardom NFT with 25 base power and 6 pieces of equipment that each grant 25 power.
If you were to equip your Stardom NFT with those 6 pieces of equipment, you would have 175 total power on your Stardom NFT (25*6 = 150 + 25 base power = 175)
However, because your current SP is 100, the system will limit your Stardom NFT power at 100 power instead, despite being able to equip all 6 pieces of equipment.
The example above should show why it is extremely important to upgrade your SP and maxSP through in-app activities as quickly as possible.