3. What is a Stardom NFT and How Do I Get One?

Stardom NFTs are an essential asset for participating in SYNC activities and will act as one of the main determinants in how many rewards a player can earn per day.
There are currently 3 different types of Stardom NFT assets:
Stardom Type
Stardom Character Cards
  • Primary asset for SYNC activities.
  • Has different qualities. Higher the quality, the higher the power
  • Visually represented by an existing Dream Idol
Stardom Equipment Cards
  • Equipped to Stardom Character Cards to increase their power.
  • Has different qualities. Higher the quality, the higher the power.
  • 6 pieces of equipment can be equipped onto any Character Card and equipment can be repeatedly used.
Stardom Decoration Cards
  • Used as interior decorations for an idol room or on the idol herself.
  • Idol boosts may be available with the decorations as well in the future.
  • Will possess an inherent collection value on NFT markets.
For now, Stardom NFTs can be purchased with $XWG from the Dream Idols app site. More qualities of the Stardom NFT and NFT mystery boxes will be available for purchase in the near future as well.