Play to Earn Guide
Collectors and Players could get $XWG through different ways.


​Airdrop: When players enter the game, they will get 1 common card (White) and 4 experience books as complimentary from the system, and $XWG can be obtained from the card.
​Mystery Box: 100% winning rate to get Dream Card from Marketplace, very high probability to collect high-quality ming card.

Play In Dream Card

Mission: Players can earn mission reward points through daily missions, and the mission reward points can be converted into XWG
10 Lucky Draw: Players have chances to draw high-level cards from 10 lucky draws, and they can sell them to get $XWG through the Marketplace.
Expedition Staking: Players can get $XWG by staking their cards in Expedition feature.
Battle: Players can earn $XWG if they win in-game battles.
Last modified 4mo ago